About Us

WeDrive was founded at the end of 2017, when it became clear that leading players in the Autonomous Vehicle sector clearly didn't understand the needs of the tens of millions of global commuters relying on public transportation in urban environments, since they themselves obviously don't use mass transit regularly. The AV evolution/revolution — especially for mass transit — will absolutely be a "human" challenge as much as a technological one.

A group of "Startup Nation" Anglo Israelis worked through the most central, inevitable problems and formulated a detailed strategic approach to solving them.  We formalized the key elements into a unique solution, and started validating our ideas with transit operators and vehicle manufacturers. The feedback has been invigorating and consistently positive.


We realized that, just as it takes a village to raise a child, so too does it take a team to launch a company, and we've been gathering together the best people we can find.  


Our current team includes:

Paul Shindman
Director of Research

Paul made aliya to Israel in 1987 from Canada where he spent 10 years at the University of Toronto Computer Center in different roles, finishing as a senior programmer/analyst. With his engineering background he worked at several startups, mid-size and multinationals (IBM, NDS) and worked alongside Eliyahu at PictureVision with its successful exit. He is also an accomplished journalist and content expert with experience in documenting IP.

Eliyahu Skoczylas
Chief Architect

Eliyahu taught himself electronics and built his first computer from chips and solder as a 12-y/o in the mid-Seventies before switching to software, and went on to work at such places as Bell Laboratories and Computer Associates.  However, he prefers the agility and fast pace of startups, and so has worked at about a dozen since 1981.  Besides "power commuting" w/ 30-40 rides per week, he's also a vehicle geek, and sometimes rides public transportation just for the fun of it.

Ncoom Gilbar
Interim CEO, Director of Marketing

Ncoom made aliya in 1982 after studying law at Yeshiva University and has a Bachelors degree in Psychology. He switched gears and focused his talents on marketing and communications in the Israeli startup ecosystem for the past 15 years at Hever, Edusoft, Kaleidescope and other companies. He has significant experience in search engine analysis, team management and operations skills.

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