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We are working to adapt autonomous vehicle (AV) technology to the public transportation sector, acting as the catalyst in what will clearly be society’s hesitant, gradual acceptance and adoption of this technology.

WeDrive’s combined hardware-software solution will create the confidence that riders need for this imminent paradigm shift about to transform the global transportation sector.


What's the problem?

No matter how sophisticated the AI of autonomous driving, passengers will resist putting their lives in the hands of a 100% robotic “driver.” The fears (real or unfounded) of a software bug, radical anomaly on the road, or a malicious hacker all jeopardize consumer trust, creating a key obstacle for the global AV sector. It’s easy to be an early adopter of technology when the “leap” is a cute wi-fi thermostat; the stakes are higher traveling with your family at 100 Km/h with no one at the wheel...or when there’s no wheel at all! See how we solve it.

Focusing specifically on mass transit 
Accelerating Adoption of AV tech
Helping Operators and Manufacturers

What makes us tick?



We believe in buses. And we're afraid.


As frequent travelers on public transportation ourselves, we watch and appreciate the challenging, multi-faceted job of every bus driver we see. While AV tech companies dream of perfecting the tools needed for a vehicle to drive itself, we know it will be many, many years until riders entrust their lives to these "phantom drivers," and also feel confident that the aspects of the traveling experience traditionally based on human interaction will be adequate.


In short, we predict a major people problem that will overshadow even top-notch technology advances. As cities become more crowded and mass transit increases its role, our goal is to find the perfect blend of technology and human interaction to assure a smooth ride into the next phase of transportation.

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