Our Solution

Our solution focuses on public transportation, with initial implementation in shuttle buses. The patent-pending WeDrive product places a team of licensed bus drivers in remote DRIVESTATIONS where they supervise a fleet of vehicles, interact with passengers, and oversee the activities of the entire fleet. Our infrastructure includes a “flight simulator”-like environment with panoramic screen views, responsive vehicle controls, and tools for interacting with passengers in real time.


Whether making a snap decision to help the AI navigate a challenge it cannot solve, or helping a passenger asking about an upcoming stop, operators using WeDrive technology will instill the confidence that a human being is dedicated to carefully tracking and managing the trip’s safety, and always available for assistance.


Patents Pending

WeDrive has filed a number of patent applications, is working on more, and plans extensive, fundamental R&D to develop an entire patent portfolio. At this time, until our pilot system is complete, we require a signed NDA before disclosing details related to this effort.

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